Midas Touch Spa Body & Mind & Sprit your life...your retreat...your choice it's about heart...it's about pampering...it's about you

Midas Touch Spa Body & Mind & Sprit your life...your retreat...your choice

Welcome to Midas Touch Spa

A perfect spa therapy & massage through healing energy and take you to the heaven through relaxed your Body, Mind & Soul.

Spa has answer for all the health troubles faced by us today. Besides any relaxing treatments, we also focus on Ayurveda & Natural Facial massage therapy.

“We advocate healthy living”.

In this razor sharp compete ting world, from A.M to P.M we are hooked on to our routine so much so that we tend to take our very own self for granted.

How about after a long tiring day you are pampered with body reflexology, Swedish and thai massage. Reading your anatomy and offering what your body needs?

A gentle aroma of natural oils, professional body relaxation & other treatments is what you need when you call it a day.

Attention to fine details for customer service and satisfaction remains our key goals in striving to offer superb services that are worth every single penny for the customer.

Henceforth, customers who came to visit the MIDAS TOUCH SPA are left with the impression that we provide better premium services and offer a heavenly escape from high-stress lives. Our broad customer base includes expatriates, office workers, tourists and knowledgeable spa aficionados.


That moment when you are one with your own self and see peace within.


Remember you got to be happy & healthy inside out. Sneak in at your convenience.

Our professional therapist will assure you the rest.

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